Magnifika (2016)

The poster of the film Magnifika

MAGNIFIKA - a documentary film about a musical cover of a group from Kharkov, which created its musical resonance among the one-day teams. The band's musicians were able to implement such successful jazz arrangements that they were seen abroad and found their fans around the world. Compositions in jazz style and jazz-fusion, as well experiments with musical directions pop, funk and electro allowed to achieve a unique sound.

The author's original compositions helped the band to go on one stage with Karl Frierson (De Phazz) and Sunchild, guaranteed participation in international jazz festivals and become participants of the cover-project of the Simfo-Show World Hits.

The film contains video clips, footage from rehearsals, tours and live performances of the band during the ten years of MAGNIFIKA's existence.

Chernobyl: 30 years of alienation (2016)

Poster film Chernobyl: 30 years of alienation

About Chernobyl tragedy, the largest in the history of mankind, you can already speak openly. Thirty years later a terrible nuclear catastrophe took place and all the prohibitions were lifted. But in 1986 the information was carefully concealed and served in a favorable light for the country's leadership. Talk about what happened then and what price had to be paid, tell the liquidators of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant from Kharkov. This city was among the top three in terms of the number of specialists involved in eliminating the consequences of the disaster.

The documentary-historical film is built on exclusive interviews with direct eyewitnesses of the tragedy. The liquidators openly tell us about the price at which the danger was avoided, what mistakes were made and what had to be experienced in the 30-kilometer exclusion zone, from which some have never been able to return. -