Production of films

Videography of documentary and private commercial filmsVideo filming of documentary films and commercial video is one of the main directions of GoBack Media work. Great experience in creating our own product allows us to launch unique projects of both a historical documentary genre and an advertising and commercial orientation.

Filming a film or a documentary project includes:

  • selection and preparation of locations;
  • development of the survey plan;
  • script writing and concept development;
  • applying graphics or animations;
  • speaker selection for voice-over text;
  • record interviews and shoot scenes;
  • collecting and retrieving archived information.

The shooting of documentaries from our media group GoBack Media is an individual approach, informative, accurate facts and profitable visualization.

Shooting a corporate movie

A custom-made corporate film is an ideal business solution. With the help of video you can not only emphasize the image of the company, but also tell in details about the specifics of production or service. The shooting of a corporate film is made taking into account the target audience of potential customers. Its duration depends on where the film will be used - at the presentation, for partners or at the exhibition or conference.

If you decide to order a video about the company, then we are ready to offer the following solutions:

  • analysis of the company's performance, its advantages and features;
  • reveal in the film the difference from competitors - the study of the best aspects of the enterprise according to practical experience;
  • choice of visual approaches: infographic, compositing, element development;
  • voiceover;
  • a successful visual presentation in the frame of speakers.

To fix the image, we recommend that you periodically make a reportage and cover your information activities. We also recommend reviewing the commercials. -