Videography of children's holidays

Videography of children's holidaysVideography of children's matinee is the first important celebration for the baby. In the frame will remain the most touching moments. Colorful costumes, children's images of snowflakes or bunnies, as well as the first verses at the Christmas tree and roundelays - all this will be recorded by the operator from the best angles. Every child will get into the film. Videography of the morning performance in kindergarten is the best memory for a lifetime.

Video footage of the matinee in the kindergarten from GoBack Media can look like:

  • one day with a group;
  • graduation in the kindergarten;
  • video filming of children's matinees for nurseries and senior groups.

A bright picture, musical accompaniment and a dynamic screen saver are included in the cost of video shooting. We also offer wedding photography.

Prices may vary depending on the client's task
Filming Children's party Video 1 hour with editing and screensaver from 800 UAH
Children's graduation party Shooting of children's fees and a holiday, a video album with photos of educators and children. Video shooting 2 - 3 hours, editing and animation of the screen saver from 900 UAH
Clip on children's group A day from the life of the group - developing a script, shooting, editing and creating a screen saver. from 850 UAH -