Taking video of event reviews

Shooting video reviewsA video review is a short and concise video about how an event took place, containing key and vivid moments. Such video can serve as a report of the organization or become an image component of PR-promotion of the company in the online market. It is also used offline for demonstration on screens and plasma panels. Goback Media is engaged in videotaping reviews of cultural, sporting, solemn and business events. Different directions, a lot of approaches and wide technical possibilities will allow to convey the atmosphere of the event as much as possible. Visual submission is discussed with customers in advance.

Video product overview for online store

Video shooting of the product overview is a way to introduce the customer to your product or service, as well as the ability to show them on the best side. Such video will briefly and purposefully tell about the main advantages visually and will allow you to place correctly the accents.

A video product overview or a subject survey will help improve the conversion of the site and attract new customers. This is one of the most effective tools for promoting the goods in search engines, as well as for presentation on the Internet. It is proved that the video of the product influences the decision to make a purchase several times.

Prices may vary depending on the client's task
Video overview of the event Operator's work 2 hours. Interviewing and editing. 2D screensaver. from 1000 UAH
Operator's work 4 hours. Interviewing and editing. 2D screensaver. from 2000 UAH
Goods video shooting Video up to two minutes with the output of titles on the screen and a 2D screen saver. from 800 UAH
Video up to 5 minutes with voiceover and the output of animated infographics on the screen. 2D screensaver. from 1500 UAH
Video up to 10 minutes with the actor. Display of animated infographics on the screen. 2D screensaver. from 3000 UAH
* for a large amount of shooting goods discount is available.
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