Sports video shooting

Sports video shootingSports video shooting of tournaments, competitions, team games, marathons, football and other matches. We offer sport shooting of one or more cameras, as well as additional use of action cameras (GoPro). We shoot in the genres of the reportage story, announcement, review, clip and film.

Sports video shooting involves not only classic work with a tripod, but it can look like a dynamic story in which the emotions of fans, coaches and relatives will be conveyed. Operators are in the thick of events to get the best shots.

For athletes, shooting sports events is an opportunity to assess the pros and cons of their performance. The team to analyze their game and work on the errors. A bright and emotional film will complement the personal archive of the athlete, which will become a family treasure.

What we offer:

  • single and multi-camera sports shooting;
  • GoPro action cameras;
  • video shooting of the competition completely or separately taken;
  • the announcement of the sporting event with the comments of the organizers;
  • creating an advertising promo;
  • reporting sports shooting;
  • tournament overview.

In one video will be collected performances of athletes, the excitement of coaches, support for fans and excitement of participants. The video should be such that it wants to be watched to the end. -