Videography of concerts

Videography of concertsThe best way for promotion of an artist or group is the filming of concerts or performances. A high-quality video version of the presentation or production will help to betray the emotions on stage and the violent reaction of the audience. The cost of the operator's work depends on the length of the show and the number of cameras involved.

Video shooting of the performance allows you to convey the fullness of the images of actors. It is possible to record pure sound of dialogs. Each operator performs its task to get a complete and emotional composition after post-production. Videography of the performance involves the involvement of 2 to 7 operators.

GoBack Media offers multi-camera shooting:

  • videotaping a concert or performance;
  • city holidays;
  • mass events.

Shooting a concert will greatly expand the audience of fans on your own YouTube channel or personal site. Such a product can be used as a portfolio for foreign tours, as well as for attracting sponsors. We also recommend taking surveys of events that have been carried out.

Prices may vary depending on the client's task
Videography of a concert or performance Shooting with one camera (general plan) + recording of pure sound. from 1500 UAH
Two cameras (general and close-up)
Mounting and recording of pure sound.
from 2500 UAH
Shooting with three cameras (general, close-up, shooting musicians and viewers)
Installing and recording pure sound.
from 4500 UAH -