Wedding videography

Wedding video shootingWedding video shooting is the best memory of the first family day of the newlyweds. Redemption of the bride, painting, the first dance and sincere joy of relatives and guests - all this will remain on the video and will be a pleasant reminder for all the remaining joint years of life. This film will help to relive the best moments again and again. Prices for wedding photography depend on the part of the celebration at which the operator will be present and on the equipment involved.

Shooting a wedding can be in the following categories:

  • Take a full wedding day from the bride and groom's fees until the banquet is over;
  • Shooting solemn moments - registrar's office, walk, banquet;
  • Love-story - your dating story;
  • Wedding clip (shooting organization, location selection and help in props).

Video filming of a wedding is a personal intimate moment when the main characters are newlyweds. The operator can easily catch the best moments and create an unforgettable video. The film will be pleasantly reviewed at home celebrations and anniversaries. And children will be able to see what kind of parents were happy at the wedding. Read examples and prices for children's matinees in kindergartens.

Prices may vary depending on the client's task
Love Story Creating a story and organizing a shooting process from 1000 UAH
Wedding clip-walk Creating the price and organizing the shooting process from 1500 UAH
Solemn Part Painting, Walk, First Dance from 3000 UAH
Half a Day From bride's fees to the first dance from 5000 UAH
Full Wedding Day From bride's fees to the end of the banquet from 6000 UAH -