GoBack Media Group

GoBack Media Group

GoBack Media Group provides a full range of services for the production of full-cycle video and TV content. In addition to video marketing, PR promotion and advertising support of the produced product is carried out. The creation of a website or an Internet resource will consolidate the result for the client company. GoBack Media performs the entire range of services both in a complex and selectively.

The creation of media content and video advertising uses the most effective digital and PR technologies that will quickly and effectively promote the product or service, and create a successful image both on the domestic market and internationally. Since the works are created taking into account the latest world trends. The production of television content is based both on classical genres and on combining with modern approaches to the presentation of material.

GoBack Media has its own technical base and produces independent content that is not affected by third-party companies.

On the account of the GoBack Media, the launch and implementation of such an informational news project as the Informbureau Information Agency, the coverage of the city project Battle of Corporations - Season 1, media support for KhNATOB, and the production of a number of documentaries like "Chernobyl 30 Years of Alienation" and "MAGNIFIKA".

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